Elite Entity Cohorts

A select group of market participants with heavy influence on token price.

How to analyze Elite Entity Cohorts

Top Holders Token Share %

The token share owned by Top Holders are displayed in 3 different ways:
  • Percentage of circulating supply held by Top Holders
  • Number of tokens held by Top Holders
  • USD value of tokens held by Top Holders

Balance Change

The change in the number of tokens held by Top Holders within the last 7 days.


According to the Balance change ( 7D ), behavior is divided into 3 categories:
Balance Change% (7D)

Elite Entity Cohorts are composed of multiple data points

Instead of using a single metric (volume) as a sole measure of importance, Elite Entity Cohorts are composed of 2 entities, each with its own characteristic that heavily influences token price:

Top Holders

A collection of top wallet addresses currently holding the top 1% of tokens.

Top Movers

A collection of the top 1% of wallet addresses that produced the most token inflows and outflows in the past 30 days.

Elite Entity Cohorts dynamically change to reflect new market developments

Within a token ecosystem, there are constantly new buyers, new sellers, and new whales that emerge. And with these dynamics, static metrics like “Smart Money” quickly become outdated and ineffective. By incorporating Top Movers into the definition of Elite Entity Cohorts, we’re able to capture the dynamic nature of token ecosystems and constantly identify new groups of token holders with the greatest influence on token price.