Top Balance Changes

This displays the largest balance changes among Top Holders and Top Movers, with addresses having the most activity being filtered to the top.
The purpose of this section is to help reveal the overall flow of assets tied to Elite Entity Cohorts in detail.


Addresses of Top Holders & Top Movers

Balance Change (1D) (7D)

Change in the number of tokens owned

Current Balance

Top Holders & Top Movers (The number of tokens currently held by the address with the largest change in)

Token Share %

Top Holders & Top Movers (Addresses with the largest change in Circulating Supply currently hold tokens as a percentage of Circulating Supply)

Initial Inflow

The first instance of token ownership


Used to cross-reference other attributes tied to the wallet address.
For example, if a wallet address is also a Top Holder for several other tokens, this information will be reflected in the “Tags” column. The same goes with any institutions or Elite Entity Cohorts we have previously identified.