The foundation of blockchain technology was built upon decentralization and transparency— a trustless system that empowers all of its users. Our goal is to help develop this data infrastructure layer that democratizes access to information, breaks down data silos, and ultimately grants our collective community members the tools to build wealth.
With our revolutionary and state-of-the-art Dynamic Wallet Tagging technology, Alphalytics has developed a set of critical metrics to close the gap between retail investors and industry elites (i.e., Elite Entity Cohorts: Whales, VCs, and institutional investors).
With our extensive research and backtesting, we developed numerous on-chain data aggregation techniques to help identify, tag, and compartmentalize market data for our community members. Our research team uses statistical models such as the Gini Coefficient to produce our Concentration Index, a key indicator that helps traders and investors formulate a holistic investing thesis to balance the principles of risk management and wealth creation.