Alphalytics uses on-chain analytics as the key solution to simplify a trader/investor's process. Through a first principles approach, we developed our dynamic wallet-tagging technology to unlock a wide range of market perspectives, each containing its own unique set of insights:

Labeling Engine

The Labeling Engine dynamically updates identity labels for Elite Entity Cohorts, including whales, institutions, and more. While our dynamic engine removes labels that are no longer accurate every 5 minutes, all the historical labels are stored on the Alphalytics database for easy query access.
Currently, Alphalytics has 6 Labeling Engines:
  1. 1.
    Dynamic Smart Money Labeling Engine: Daily updates on each token's Smart Money
  2. 2.
    Wallet Portfolio Labeling Engine: automatically updates labels according to wallet status, e.g. 100Eth, BAYC holders etc.
  3. 3.
    Institution Labeling Engine: regularly update Institutions, VC, whales, and notable wallet labels
  4. 4.
    Query to Label Labeling Engine: allows users to customize their desired labels through SQL
  5. 5.
    Specified Behavior Parameter Labeling Engine: Automatic labeling based on the interacted Smart Contracts and the time of interaction, e.g. those who staked on Lido at the time of ETH depeg
  6. 6.
    PnL Labeling Engine: high win rates of any wallet

Time Machine: AlphaFlow

Travel back in time to analyze snapshots of historical on-chain data. This feature is incredibly useful to investors and researchers to help uncover catalysts behind major price action.

Query Mode

Use our open-source on-chain database to gather important insights. Accessible to you is the raw data we’ve collected, as well as the wallet data that has already been categorized using Alphalytics’ labeling engine. You can also convert this data into charts by using Alphalytics’ visualization tools. Alphalytics welcomes those who are passionate about on-chain data to define their own Elite Entity Cohorts in the platform.

Data Visualization Module

We’re making it easy to visualize on-chain data. Alphalytic’s visualization module converts your on-chain data into the following formats: line charts, bar charts, pie charts, tables, dashboards, and other multi-interactive charts.

GameFi and DeFi Data Aggregator

End-to-end data aggregation for GameF and DeFi projects. We can establish basic on-chain data comparisons, token insights, and a wide range of growth data. On the other hand, we can provide GameFi users with important real-time information to enhance their play-to-earn user experience. We also provide DeFi users with similar features.


The Alphalytics forum is a place to learn, discuss, and exchange ideas with members of the Web3 community.
When users sign in by connecting their wallet, their address will be imported into Alphalytics’ labeling system, and their ENS will be used as their form of identification on the forum. Users will be able to learn from each other’s wallet activity and go as far as analyzing wallet history with various dashboards and metrics.
Alphalytics will highly prioritize the feedback of the community in the development of the platform.

Alert System

Set your own parameters to stay up to date with major developments in the crypto space. Alerts for all of the following:
  • Tokens
  • Wallets
  • GameFi projects
  • DeFi projects
  • Metrics
  • In-depth dashboards


Working in parallel with the alert system, Alphalytics offers a subscription to various on-chain analysis dashboards where investors can receive exclusive insights and the latest news for all the projects they’re interested in.
Users also have the capability to create customized dashboards that can be shared with the community.
Create a dashboard. Set a price. Earn.

Alphalytics Academic Research

Our Data-as-a-Service model provides access to Alphalytics’ database to create customized dashboards for institutional investors and researchers.


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